South Ventures Completes New Investment in Brazilian Business (en español)

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(South Ventures) South Ventures’ SV Global Fund III makes third investment in Brazilian online fashion brand and technology company, Amaro. Read more

Ignia Targets US$100m for Second Fund

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(El Economista) 8 years after raising its first investment fund for US$100m, Mexico’s IGNIA is targeting the same amount in commitments for its second fund. Read more

Finep Increases Resources to Startups (em português)

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(Época NEGÓCIOS) FINEP’s new R$20m fund will offer up to R$1m to companies with developed products and in need of expansion capital. Read more

The MIF Approves US$1.2m Project with Alta-El Dorado Emprendimien to Stimulate Peru’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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(Press Release) The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group , has recently approved a US$1.25 million technical cooperation grant for a project with Alta-El Dorado Emprendimiento, a Peruvian firm created by a strategic partnership between Alta Group Americas and El Dorado Investments, in partnership with COFIDE (la Corporación Financiera de Desarrollo del Perú). Read more

As Brazilian Economy Descends Into Crisis, Tech Is Growing Double Digits

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(TechCrunch) Despite a miserable macro-economic mix of circumstances, including the worst recession in almost 100 years, the biggest corruption scandal Brazil has ever seen, and calls for President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, Brazil’s tech industry is thriving. Read more

Chile’s Raises US$130k to Expand Services to Latin America (en español)

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(Pulso Social) Chilean startup, an online platform that allows users to hire car mechanics, has raised CLP$90m (~US$130K) from new Chilean VC fund Dadneos Ventures and Start-Up Chile. The startup plans to expand operations in LatAm. Read more

Solar Power Startup Bright Raises $US4m to Distribute Energy In The Developing World

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(TechCrunch) Bright, a solar panel installation and distribution startup, pulled in $4 million in seed money to build out its solar software and financing team. Read more

Latin America Looks To Spur Later-Stage Venture Investments

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(TechCrunch) The seeds of a venture investment scene are beginning to sprout at the early stage in Latin America, and now countries like Colombia and Chile are taking steps to make sure young companies can take root. Read more

BelezaNaWeb Raises $30M To Bring Brazil’s Beauty Market Online

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(TechCrunch) Brazil’s leading beauty ecommerce company, BelezaNaWeb (“Beauty on the web”), has raised a $30M Series C round from an undisclosed New York City private equity firm. Read more

Asaas Receives R$2m from Cventures (em português)

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(Baguete) The Asaas, a Joinville company that provides banking and financial management services, received an investment of R$2m from Brazilian venture capital fund Cventures Primus. Until now, the startup has received R$1.6m in angel investments. Read more